Pattern Update!

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in illustration, ink, pattern | No Comments

WOW!  One of my patterns created in class was featured on the amazing Print & Pattern blog today along with other talented classmates!  The first two designs in the post are by Bethan Janine Westran and she just might be my favorite designer in the e-course.  Also a big fan of Print, Paper, Cloth.

Here’s another water inspired pattern I created called Riptide.  I think I could make a thousand different water patterns.  Must have something to do with being a competitive swimmer!   I created this pattern during the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course with Rachael Taylor & Beth Nichols.  There is still time to sneak into their next round of classes starting Monday, April 23!  You won’t regret all of the opportunities & bonus goodies they offer!  Have a great day!


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