GTS: Little Terrariums

GTS:  Little Terrariums

999 people entered the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search and only 50 will make it through to the next round! I’m not going to post details of the contest requirements but will share my entry below! I used a combination of collage, gelatin prints, linocut, hand lettering & drawing & painting on this one. I […]

September: School, Skillshare, Shows!

September:  School, Skillshare, Shows!

We are celebrating September with the three S’s here!  School, Skillshare, & Shows!   what?! 1. SCHOOL!  My kids are in pre-school at the SAME TIME which means I get a few precious hours per week of productivity to focus on my art & patterns!  hooray! 2. SKILLSHARE!  I signed up for a really great Skillshare […]

Sellable Sketch Collection featured on Pattern Observer

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Sellable Sketch Collection featured on Pattern Observer

I recently took the Sellable Sketch workshop with Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer.  She was kind enough to feature a few of my patterns from my ‘Stripes, Scales, Scallops, and Spots’ collection I developed during the course.   My collection benefited from Michelle’s technique of looking at past & present trends to determine what I wanted […]

Tidal by Femi Ford

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Tidal by Femi Ford

I’ve added a new product to my society6 shop. It’s created from an original ink wash painting manipulated in Photohop.  It’s called “Tidal” and you can purchase it as a framed art print, canvas print, notecards or iphone case!  Please help promote it by clicking this link and pressing the little heart! Thanks!

August News

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Finally getting around to a little update after having a lovely vacation with my in-laws and nieces!  It was a much needed break after our successful art show which runs through the end of September.  Although Day 1 of vacation was a little stressful as we found out my little boy is allergic to bees, […]

Happy Jubilee!

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While I am not British, I did create some designs to honor the Queen’s 60th year Diamond Jubilee celebrations! I entered these into a competition and received great feedback as well as having the diamond pattern featured on Print & Pattern today! All of this thanks AGAIN to the amazing ABSPD pattern e-course from […]

Inspiration: Hatch Show Print

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It’s a beautiful, fresh, sunny morning…the grass is wet from last night’s rain and the world smells sweet!  Thought I’d share a little inspiration from this past weekend when we took our first adult vacation in three years to Nashville, TN!   My husband has a client who had an art show & 60th bday party […]

Pattern Update!

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WOW!  One of my patterns created in class was featured on the amazing Print & Pattern blog today along with other talented classmates!  The first two designs in the post are by Bethan Janine Westran and she just might be my favorite designer in the e-course.  Also a big fan of Print, Paper, Cloth. Here’s […]

April in full swing!

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April in full swing!

I feel like I just wrote ‘this post’ yesterday about owning 2012….that was in January and it’s already April?!   I’m headed to PrintSource NY this week which should be a great kick-off to Module 3 of the Surface Pattern E-Course which starts next Monday!  Hoping to meet up with some fellow designers I met through […]

Inspiration: Album Cover

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I found this album at my parents and loved the fun colors and hand illustrated wheel.  It’s a keeper!